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ハッシュタグキャンペーン Hashtag Campaign



We will present a special postcard to those who post their impressions of the "Murata Tanryo" exhibition on SNS.


  1. X(Twitter)、Instagram、FacebookいずれかのSNSで、「#邨田丹陵」または「#tanryo」のハッシュタグをつけて展覧会の感想をポスト。

  2. 美術館受付スタッフへ実際にポストした画面を提示。

■How to apply

  1. Post your impressions of the "Murata Tanryo" exhibition on the following SNS: X (Twitter), Instagram, or Facebook, with the hashtag [#邨田丹陵] or [#tanryo].

  2. Show the screen of the actual post to the museum reception staff.


展覧会会期中 1/13(土)~3/31(日)




During the exhibition period 1/13 (Sat) - 3/31 (Sun)

*The campaign will end as soon as all of the RPs are gone.

*The end of the campaign will be announced on X.


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